• Heaven's Basement - Filthy Empire, Special Edition

Filthy Empire Special Edition

We’re releasing a special edition version of Filthy Empire featuring 5 live songs from our sold out show at The 100 Club and videos from this year’s Download Festival. You can get your hands on it on 25th November; pre-order coming soon!

Here is the track listing:
Welcome Home
Fire, Fire
Nothing Left To Lose
Lights Out In London
I Am Electric
The Long Goodbye
Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch
Be Somebody
Can’t Let Go
The Price We Pay
Jump Back
Executioner’s Day
Fire, Fire (Live at the 100 Club)
Lights Out In London (Live at the 100 Club)
Jump Back (Live at the 100 Club)
Can’t Let Go (Live at the 100 Club)
Reign on my Parade (Live at the 100 Club)
I Am Electric (Live at Download 2013) (Video)
Fire, Fire (Live at Download 2013) (Video)
Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch (Live at Download 2013) (Video)
Executioner’s Day (Live at Download 2013) (Video)

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